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Our company started its activities in the plastics industry in 1987, he has been among the leading organizations in the sector...

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10001 St. NO 27 Atatürk Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Çiğli /İZMİR


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Technology and Quality Engaging Name: 'Karşıyaka Plastik'

Karşıyaka plastic; quality products carefully evaluating individual and corporate customers' needs in the market, fast delivery and first class customer service.

100% Customer Satisfaction

nternational quality standards, variable customer the most suitable products and services to their needs as soon as possible by offering; constantly working with customer satisfaction and reliable for over 30 years, we continue to serve permanently stable services to our customers without compromising our understanding.

High quality

We are constantly increasing our investments in technology and service with the highest quality standards in the industry with renewed our machines facilties. R & D department; the basic raw material acceptance, in all the production process and final product control continues for continuous operation to maintain high quality can be maintained.

Solution Partner

Our company; supermarket, bakery, shops, factories, dairy, food and non-food all the products of your transport and your packaging needs, solution-oriented and experience has given many years of continuing their studies and adopted a 100% customer satisfaction as one of the main targets.


We are all, Turkey has started to be implemented across our franchises we work. All, including Turkey and abroad, dealers will be given. Please contact us for more information

Nature of Space Technology to Power

Respect for people and nature, is an integral part of our company's social responsibility, among the factors to light our way.In the light of new and emerging technologies; biodegradable, suitable for use in the food industry, while maintaining a high-tech piece of our products with our children inherit nature of the first to be highly efficient, we are proud to offer environmentally friendly and economical solutions.

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